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The Autumn Leaves are Falling….

Estate Cleaning & Maintenance

That means it’s time to show your gutters some TLC!

Gutter cleaning may not be on the top of your priority list – but here’s why it should be….

Gutters are in place to do a very important job – to protect your property from water and guide rainwater safely into drains. When your gutters become blocked, they stop functioning effectively, potentially causing expensive damp issues to your property.

Gutters that are blocked not only fail to do their job, but the blockage may damage the guttering itself, adding yet more cost and unnecessary inconvenience when they need replacing.

By using a professional organisation to clean and check your gutters you can rest assured that gutter blockages will not cause problems and building damage. During the autumn and winter months it is common for gutters to become clogged with leaves and debris, so make sure that your gutters are allowing rain water to go in the direction it is supposed to. Regular gutter cleaning and maintenance ensures that water won’t be overflowing or escaping and running down your brickwork!

As with most things, prevention is less costly than cure, so maintaining healthy gutters is a much better option than repairing broken guttering and damp. Whether you require the gutters on your home to be cleaned or have commercial property that requires maintenance, we can help.

Introcross offers a fully insured, health and safety accredited service across Essex and London to domestic and commercial clients.

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