Estate Maintenance & Cleaning Services for the London & Essex areas.

Introcross COVID Update

Whilst we appreciate that COVID19 has had an adverse effect on lots of businesses and sectors, at Introcross, we’ve been busy keeping many communal areas as sanitised, safe and hygienic as possible.

Working across Essex and London, the Introcross team has been called upon more than ever before to help clients maintain the best possible levels of cleaning and sanitisation in communal and essential working areas.

We were fortunate enough to secure appropriate PPE and chemicals early on in the outbreak, enabling us to offer a consistent and high-quality service to our clients. The days have been long, and we’ve all been working incredibly hard, but it’s been rewarding to provide such an essential service during such challenging times.

Naturally, our domestic cleaning side of the business hasn’t been able to operate as it usually would due to the lockdown restrictions, but we’ve still received our fair share of enquiries. We will continue to support our domestic clients but only when it is safe and appropriate to do so.

In the meantime, our commercial clients have been keeping us busy and we’re impressed with how many of our clients have responded to COVID with a remarkable focus on keeping residents and workers as safe as possible. Our professional cleaning equipment, chemicals and expertise have come into their own over recent months, ensuring hygienically clean environments wherever possible.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish everybody well during these challenging times.

Stay safe!