Estate Maintenance & Cleaning Services for the London & Essex areas.

DIY Dangers

DIY dangers covers a raft of possibilities…. There are the dangers to the people involved who are at risk of harm or injury, but also the dangers to property and belongings if tasks aren’t carried out correctly.

Opting to ‘do it yourself’ could be a more cost-effective option – providing you’re able to do the job well. When property cleaning and maintenance isn’t your day job, turning your hand repairs or upkeep can get tricky.

Of course, working at height poses one of the biggest dangers. Without the right experience, equipment or support you really should stay grounded! Our expert teams are fully trained and possess the right equipment required for projects such as gutter clearing and window cleaning.

We are often told by clients who tried the DIY route that they wished they’d just asked a professional in the first place – less stress, fewer potential DIY dangers and a superior result!

Tasks such as upholstery and carpet cleaning really do warrant specialist equipment, chemicals and care. Our experienced staff can transform carpets, chairs and sofas obtaining end results that WOW our clients.

Sometimes what seems like a manageable job can escalate into a huge project leaving many people out of their depth and out of time. Time to call in the experts!…

At Introcross, we provide a wide range or property maintenance and cleaning services across Essex and London, enabling our clients to do their day jobs, while we do ours – and we do it really well! From minor repairs to contract cleaning, our flexible approach is appreciated by our domestic and commercial clients. We’re fully insured, Safe Contractor approved and have been in operation since 1986!

So, if you were thinking about doing it yourself…. DON’T. Contact us today instead.